Notice from National Quartermaster General

- 3/28/2017

TO:  All Department Officers (Please share this information with your Post and District Officers)


I request your cooperation in addressing an ongoing matter regarding the use of the VFW trademarked name, emblems, and logos.


Per Sections 801-805 of the VFW By-Laws, the VFW Logo is trademarked and owned by VFW National Headquarters.  No Member, Post, District, County Council or Department has authority to grant the right to manufacture, reproduce or deal in items bearing the name, and/or emblem of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, without the written consent of the Quartermaster General.  (This applies to eight additional trademarks to include VFW Auxiliary, Buddy Poppy, Voice of Democracy and Patriot’s Pen.)


It is the duty of the officers at all levels to enforce the laws and usages of the organization, to include proper usage and protection of the name and emblems. Please refer to the Manual of Procedure Sec 218, 418, 518, Officers: Duties and Obligations.


The VFW STORE and its LICENSED VENDORS are the only authorized sources to use the VFW name and Cross of Malta on apparel, caps and other merchandise. Your first line of contact for merchandise is the VFW Store, 1-800-821-2606. There is a Custom Consultant on staff that can assist with quantity, custom items that are not in the catalog.  If the VFW Store is unable to assist, you may request authorization to use a third party vendor from the Quartermaster General.


Manufacturing and selling of unauthorized products is not only in violation of the VFW By-Laws and Manual of Procedure, but it is also a federal offense.  And, it impacts our ability to serve our nation's veterans, military service members and their families by taking resources from the National Organization and each Department and putting it directly in the offending commercial vendor’s pockets. When you purchase through the VFW Store all the money stays in the organization; a portion is rebated back to the Departments and the rest is used for programs that further the mission of the VFW.


There may be times when the VFW Store cannot produce the merchandise requested.  There may also be times the logo use is requested to be used in written communications through (or in partnership with) another organization or business.   In these cases, authorization should be requested of the Quartermaster General by emailing the Authorization Request form to  


Department and Posts may continue to use the VFW name, logos, or emblems for printed or digital use for their own communications. Current logos for non-commercial use may be obtained from the VFW Communications Department by emailing


Here are some helpful contacts:

·        VFW Store:  1.800.821.2606

·        Partners and Licensed Vendors:

·        VFW Store Custom Consultant: Kim Winston,  816.968.1181

·        Request Authorization to use the logo:   Email completed request to, Contact for follow up:  Megan Kramer, 816-968-1141.

·        If you are aware of unauthorized use of our trademarks, contact Judy McNeel at or 816-968-1131, so that we may take appropriate action.


Thank you for helping to protect our valuable name, logos, and emblems.


Debra Anderson

Quartermaster General

Veterans of Foreign Wars

406 W. 34thStreet

Kansas City, MO 64111

Phone: (816) 968-1131    

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